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Tours and Sightseeing, Salted Lake BaskunchackTours and Sightseeing, Salted Lake Baskunchack
Tours and Sightseeing, Lotus FieldsTours and Sightseeing, Lotus Fields
Tours and Sightseeing, Saray BatuTours and Sightseeing, Saray Batu
Tours and Sighyseeing, Astrakhan KremlinTours and Sighyseeing, Astrakhan Kremlin


Fishing Camp on Volga River in Russia Tel: +7 (906) 178-13-21

Join us Fishing on Lower Reaches of Volga River in Russia


Tours and Sightseeing


We offer our guests tours at protected nature reserves and architectural historical monuments of the Astrakhan Region.


Salt lake Baskunchak

Baskunchak is unique creation of nature. This is the biggest and one of the most salty lakes in the world with salt concentration similar to Dead Sea in Israel. Baskunchak located on top of a huge salt mountain with 6 kilometers in depth and surface covering 115 square kilometers.

BaskunchakLakeis a popular tourist destination for SPA and swimming. The water in the lake is highly saturated with salt and pushes body to the surface, it is impossible to drown. There are parts of the lake surface that hard that you can walk on it.

Starting from 8th centurysalt was mined from the lake and distributed through the Silk Way.Since 1997Baskunchak and area around the lake becomes National Park and it is being strictly protected as part of theNature Reserve.             

There are deposits of medicinal clay, salt and minerals that are being used for SPA and cosmetics.

Best time to visit Baskunchak Lake from early May until late September. The lake warms up quickly makes it possible to swim in spring.


Lotus Fields and Nature Sightseeing

Astrakhan Region is the only place in Europe where lotus flower grows in a wild nature and in large quantities. Start blooming from mid-July at Volga's River Estuary forming fabulous lotus fields. Lotus in many ancient oriental cultures is a sacred flower symbolizing harmony and purity of mind.


Sarai Batu

The medieval capital of the Golden Horde was established by Mongol ruler Batu Khan (thegrandson of Genghis Khan) in the mid-1240s. City was located on Akhtuba River, a channel of the lower Volga River, about 120 km north from Astrakhan.

Sarai Batu was one of two cities which were capital cities of the Golden Horde, the Mongol kingdom which ruled much of Central Asia and part of Eastern Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries. Located in present-day Russia was among the largest cities of the medieval world.


Astrakhan Kremlin

For centuries, the Astrakhan Kremlin was inapproachable stronghold in the south- eastern border of the Russia. Series of historical events are related to the fortress: the Crimean Turkish hiking on the lower Volga in the 16th century, the " Troubles " in Russia and the peasant uprising led by StepanRazin in the 17th century, the transformation of the tsar Peter the Great Period, revolt of archers in 1705-1706, development of the Caspian navy in the 18th century, the reinforcement of the country's borders and entry into a part of Russian territories of the Caucasus and Central Asia.



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